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Williamsburg Historic Triangle is a “Trip” to the Past.

There is no doubt that there is more to do in the Williamsburg area than one can do in a week. With Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg all within a few miles of each other, these 3 locations alone will take you at least 7 day to explore. If you are a history buff, or in to living history then you will have a blast in the historic Williamsburg triangle. There are several ways to visit the "Historic Triangle", but Tastes Like Travel recommends you visit Jamestown first, Yorktown second and then Williamburg last. The reason is simple. Jamestown was first. the English landed here in 1607 and established the first Colony that became the birthplace of America. Yorktown, on the other hand, is the place that America defeated the British to end the Revolutionary War. Both of these places are historic hallowed ground and a must see place. … [Read More...]

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Visit Boston, Transportation Options to Consider

Boston is a vibrant city with plenty of history, culture and food to explore when you travel there. If you have been to Boston you know this. If this is your first time there are a few things you should know before you go. Getting around Boston is fairly easy and there are several options…. 

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Visit Jerome AZ, Home of Art, Ghosts & Bed and Breakfast

Across the valley from Sedona, nestled mile high in the Cleopatra mountains of the Black Hills of Arizona is the artist’s haven Jerome, Arizona. Once the site of the largest copper mining operation in the world, Jerome is resurging as an artist colony a Bed and Breakfast Mecca and ‘The most haunted ghost town’ in… 

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Gold Nugget Restaurant, Wickenburg AZ. Good Food & People

Northeast of Phoenix about 40 miles one will find the Town of Wickenburg. During the winter months this town is alive with snowbirds seeking the warm winter sun of Arizona. Tastes Like Travel took a day trip in the area, and in the quest for a some good food, we found ourselves at the Gold Nugget Restaurant…. 

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Cajun Tex Restaurant adds flavor to Marshall Texas

On a recent trip to East Texas I stopped in to the Cajun Tex restaurant  for a quick lunch. Located on Grand Avenue in downtown Marshall, This restaurant had a varied menu with a blend of Cajun and Texas foods. The lunch special of the day was a Cajun pork chop served with veggies. Although… 

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Dead Dog Saloon, Good Food and Memories of your Best Friend

Tastes Like Travel arrived at the Dead Dog Saloon in Murrells Inlet on a Sunday afternoon. There was a lot happening as next door was a fish taco competition, hula dancing and lots of beer drinking. but not necessarily all three at the same time. We mingled with the friendly locals and then headed to… 

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Myrtle Beach, Carolina Style Barbecue………still looking

One of the main objectives of this trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina was to find, and eat some authentic Carolina Style Barbecue. I have heard for years how  this style of barbecue is so good. Excellent vinegar based sauces and tender meat drove me to seek and sample Myrtle Beach barbecue. As of now… 

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Spring Garden Pancake House, Myrtle Beach

Spring Garden Pancake House in Myrtle Beach is a trip to the 80’s

Day 1 of the Myrtle Beach trip. We have already realized this is the land of pancake houses and mini golf, so we decided to jump in to the local flavor. We made our way toward the beach of course, and on south Ocean Boulevard we found Spring Garden Pancake House across the street from… 

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Myrtle Beach, Land of Golf, Sea, and Pancake Houses

Myrtle Beach and sister city North Myrtle Beach are the east coast’s family summer vacation spots. This is discerned by the incredible number of miniature golf courses and the interminable amount of pancake houses. And the two are often found together on the Grand Strand! Every theme for miniature golf is here, from airplanes to… 

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